Seminarier & Webinars


WFA-webinar: Can marketing be a positive force for change post-COVID?

WFA event: Global Marketer Week 2021

WFA-webinar: How to win the hearts of Gen Z in 2021

WFA-webinar: Building your brand in an eCommerce environment

WFA-webinar: Brand building in uncertain times

WFA-webinar: Managing your sponsorship initiatives post-pandemic

WFA-webinar: Regulating marketing to kids – five key trends affecting toy brands

WFA-webinar: Smashing Stereotypes: Gaming

WFA-webinar: Objectives Unlocked: Launch New Products

WFA-webinar: Objectives Unlocked: Drive Web Traffic / Increase Social Media

WFA-webinar: The Economist presents The World in 2021

WFA-webinar: The Low Touch Economy

WFA-webinar: Client-agency performance evaluations: the agency view

WFA-webinar: GDPR and online advertising: what next?

Webinar: Learning Lunch – IAB Gold Standard, bli en ännu bättre medieköpare

WFA-webinar: How transcreation can give a local edge to global messages

WFA-webinar: In search of the unicorn marketer

WFA-webinar: A marketer’s guide to digital Ad Fraud