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Campaign backlash and its impact on brand equity is a concern shared by marketers across industries.

In today’s hyperconnected world, it’s crucial to address the question: How can we build inclusive robustness into our campaigns that centre and protect the individuals that we represent and partner with? What strategies can you put in place, so that if a small number of critics get loud – you know what to do to protect the underrepresented communities you’re championing?

Join us for an interactive 60-minute webinar where Creative Equals, WFA’s strategic partner for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, will delve into the strategies and insights that can help marketers proactively navigate the challenges associated with campaign backlash.

Creative Equals Inclusion Partner, Debbie Tembo, and Inclusion Consultants’ Ishani Rege and Sebastian Parker will look at what happens when brands get it ‘wrong’ and why this happens. They will dig into examples and case studies to understand what the Backlash was, how the brand responded and what they could have done differently. They will also look at brands who got it right, and what we can learn from them. This isn’t just about corporate comms teams reacting to a crisis, it’s about marketers upholding the values of human rights and proactively building resilience upstream in their brand strategies. 

About this webinar:

This webinar is for WFA members and members of WFA national advertiser associations only.

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If you have questions about the topic ahead of the webinar, please share them with Laura at [email protected]. Creative Equals will address them during the webinar.


Please note: This webinar will not be recorded.

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